lowLag.js playground

(Forcing sm2)

basic use: 2 different sounds or chord

using different playback methods:

Use Defaults
Force 'webkitAudio'
Force 'audioTag'
Force sm2

delayed, non "user action"

Some browsers (especially iOS) have restrictions on sound playback unless it is caused by a user action. (Such as a button click.) These buttons play a sound in a Timeout or Interval, either right away, or by setting a cookie and starting playback in the document ready.

Play via setTimeout (1/2 second delay)

Play via setInterval (1 second delay)

(At some point some browsers only supported sound playback if it was from a user-initiated interaction with the browser, like a button press. This code wraps the playback in a setTimeout() call.)

a little drum machine

Press a number or hover with the mouse: